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Inspector Ike

Director: Graham Mason
Narrative Features
Running Time:82:49 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:30 PM EST
Friday, November 20
Live Online

Inspector Ike, New York City’s greatest police detective, finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse after the conniving understudy of an avant-garde theater group knocks off the star actor. A “lost TV movie” from the 1970’s, Inspector Ike mixes visual gags, slapstick, gross food, and heartfelt emotion. Think Columbo meets The Naked Gun, featuring a rogue’s gallery of NYC’s best comedians. Ikechukwu Ufomadu plays the title character with his stunning variety of dry, subtle and linguistically-enhanced humor in this absurd retro-romp detective comedy. Ike did a powerpoint presentation at Cucalorus just two years ago.