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Jackfruit Shorts

Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:104:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:15 PM EST
Friday, November 9
Jengo's Playhouse
9:45 PM EST
Sunday, November 11
Station Main

WEIRD: Buckle up for this bucket of WTF!?

Buttered Up // Aine Phillips :: A daring housewife embarks on an improbable journey to explore the mysterious underworld of domesticity. She uses a practical method of escapology, delicious quantities of butter, and a complete suspension of disbelief to undergo an unusual metamorphosis.

Sexxy Dancer // Jessica Makinson :: A woman gets a lift when she is loaned Sexxy Dancer for the week.

ADA // Eleanore Pienta :: Ada is an unlikeable competitive walker who makes a dress out of toilet paper and has an unfortunate run-in with a hose.

Class Dismissed // Tony Choufani:: An American History professor decides to try her hand at teaching an online course…with disastrous results.

Free Week Yoga // Evan Mann :: Miguel attends his first yoga class.

Spanko // Melanie Zoey Weinstein :: When a misfit teacher explores her taboo fantasies, she’s inspired to start a revolution of self-acceptance.

Ultraviolet // Marc Johnson :: A woman named Kanchana and several scorpions explore collaborative survival approaches in a posthuman future in which all living being are considered equal. Inspired by a Chinese poem of the 3rd century BC – written by Zhuangzi – “The Butterfly’s Dream.”

They Bite! // Jordan McLaughlin, Benjamin Fisk :: Ghouls! Monsters! A punk rock wolfman!? Mr. Hawkins encounters all these and more when he enters a notoriously haunted house, seeking his missing wife.

Sweet & Lo // Clay Liford :: The “Rockersham Twins” are the weird girls who live at the end of the block. In fact, nobody really knows why they’re called twins. Sweetie is only eight, and Dolores (“Lo”) is seventeen. One thing’s certain, they’re both very strange, and share a dark secret. But now the have a new problem. They both like the same guy. Things are about to get ugly.