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Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

Director: Miguel Llansó
Convulsions :: Narrative Features
Running Time:82:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
9:30 PM EST
Wednesday, November 13
Thalian Black

Writer: Miguel Llansó
Lead Producer: Sergio Uguet de Resayre
Cast: Daniel Tadesse Gagano, Agustín Mateo, Guillermo Llansó, Gerda-Anette Allikas, Lauri Lagle, Iveta Pole, Solomon Tashe, Carlo Pironti, Rene Köster

Diminutive special agent DT Gagano dreams of leaving the CIA to open a pizza parlor and kickboxing studio with his wife Malin. Before he has a chance to present his resignation letter, a deadly Soviet cyber virus attacks the agency, plummeting our Ulysses-like hero down a dizzily absurdist, virtual-reality rabbit hole that’s part The Matrix, part Filipino exploitation cinema, part ’60s European spy movie. Spanning multiple countries with a free-jazz energy and all the kung-fu moves a drug-addled Batman (?!) can muster, this outrageous and perverse Cold War techno-fantasy should have a cult following by next week.


A big fan of experimental-punk-weird music and films, Miguel Llansó studied philosophy and cinema before leaving on his many adventures, like Jean Rouch or Werner Herzog. For him, filmmaking is friendship, risk, provocation, subversion and freedom. Llansó’s debut Crumbs, a post-apocalyptic Afro-futuristic adventure in Ethiopia, premiered at Rotterdam in 2015.