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JoJo Shorts: Experiments and Testaments

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:82:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:15 PM EST
Friday, November 12
Thalian Main

Dalena Tran

This may be a reverie of our increasingly virtualized world that is submerged into a directional flow of information and disparate impressions that takes shape as a slow-burning anxiety; a rupture in linear time. This piece invites us to traverse an endless choreography of bodies in perpetual free-fall and updating images that reflect a world in constant change.

To Live and Die in the Shadows: Ferns, Survival, and Horizontal Gene Transfer 
Shannon Silva

180 million years ago, through a chance horizontal gene transfer, ferns acquired a much needed light sensor (neochrome) that allowed them to modify and survive in low light environments. We should all be so lucky.

Objects of Heartbreak 
Grace Kim

An experimental documentary interweaving the insights and reflections from various heartbreak stories told by Brooklyn residents.

Allyson Packer, Jesse Fisher

Unfolding simultaneously across the architectural landscape of Dallas, Texas and the filmmaker’s personal computer, Proscenium explores the collapse of real and virtual space during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loss Of Innocence
William Becker

In this short experimental film, William Becker highlights the fluid nature of life and the sudden nature of growing up. Compiled from home videos from the 1950s, suicide tapes, and videos from the George Floyd Protests.

Time and Fury 
Russell Sheaffer

A combination of found 16mm and original Super 8mm film, this music video was created by burying footage in the earth to encourage decomposition. “Time and Fury” is from the forthcoming solo album from Dave Keuning (founding member of The Killers).

Ten Leaves Dilated 
Kate Hinshaw

Through the usage of Cabbage Patch Kids to craft a make-believe world this film examines the discourse surrounding childbirth and motherhood in the American South. Audio interviews of mothers, doulas, and birth professionals create a visual exploration of cabbage birthing myths and fairytales throughout history, and its connection to the lack of candid discussion about birthing.

Somewhere Between
Lucas Boger

A woman suffering from Alzheimer’s existing somewhere between here and the beyond.

Coming Full Circle 
Aine Phillips

In 1975, world-renowned sculptor Richard Long created “A Circle in Ireland” at The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland one of the most dramatic and iconic environmental sites in the world. Visual artist, Áine Phillips ,along with her students at the local The Burren College of Art created a performative restoration of the circle during the Covid 19 lockdown.

These Sight-Altering Spells Sometimes Speak
Georg Koszulinski

Chapter 1: The Deluding of Gylphi

Written by Icelandic scholar, Snorri Sturluson, in the 13th century, Gylfaginning tells the story of King Gylfi’s journey to Asgard to encounter the All-father, Odin. Gylphi learns of the events that lead to Ragnarok—when the gods will be slain and the world comes to its fiery end.