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Krusty Shorts: Documentary Portraits

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:104 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 13
Thalian Main

This collection of seven documentaries pays tribute to the resiliency, creativity, and complexity of human identity. You’ll meet a grip, a clown, two aspiring basketball players, and eventually two funeral directors in the city of New Orleans dealing with the pandemic. Get ready to get real.

Get A Grip – The Chunky Huse Story
Clancy Thompson, Patrick Ogelvie

This short documentary explores the life of Chunky Huse, from his childhood in post-WWII London to his emergence as one of the most sought-after key grips in the movie business. For over thirty years, Chunky played a vital role in the development of Wilmington’s film industry.

Authentic Artistry
Emily Peele

People listen to new music for profound lyrics, strong sounds, and catchy beats. A look into the life and creative process of artist MoeSOS D.C. reveals where those elements come from.

Xavier Cousens

A verité documentary inside the world of Anthony Johnson, a work release recipient, who spends his days as a courier in New York City and his nights incarcerated.

Two Ways to the League
Taylor Sharp

Two young, North Carolina, basketball prospects walk different paths, but their ultimate goal is the same: make it to the NBA. This verité documentary offers an intimate look at the six weeks leading up to the draft, when the fate of their life’s work culminates in a single night.

Jackson Kroopf, Nasir Bailey

A transgender musician comes out to several family members, as he recounts the steps towards his decision to transition, and composes a song to himself. What begins as a day-in-the-life evolves into a mix of storytelling, re-creation, and intimate conversations.

Smile Little Ladybug
Laura Asherman

This short documentary centers a Holocaust survivor who unintentionally inspires his daughter and granddaughter to become clowns. The film follows three generations of this wacky and inspiring family from Nazi Germany, to Jim Crow Alabama, to modern-day Atlanta.

Death is Our Business
Jacqueline Olive

In New Orleans, a city where funerals are jazz-filled community events, the per capita COVID-19 death rate at one point in 2020 topped the nation. This documentary takes viewers inside two Black-owned funeral homes, following funeral directors and staff grappling with pandemic restrictions, as they safely prepare the deceased and bring comfort to a grieving city.