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I Love You and I Will Love You for 10,000 Years

Channing Wilson
Running Time:6:50 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:15 PM EST
Friday, November 9
Thalian Black
1:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 10
Jengo's Playhouse

Writer, Director: Channing Wilson
Lead: Sarah Royal
Narration: Isaac Boswell
Additional Camera: Matthew Marino

This visually poetic short story follows a nameless, timeless woman as she embarks on a existential, science-fiction journey through time and space, after losing a loved one. Fueled entirely by grief and loneliness, she suffers the misfortune of immortality all while waiting and hoping for the return of her lover.

Screening in: Salsify Shorts


Channing Wilson is from North Carolina and has been working with film for years and is excited to grow and experiment more. When he isn’t living on an island twelve miles out to sea, traipsing around Europe, or playing with his dog Connor, you can find him wearing a hat, drinking earl gray, picking flowers.