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Directors: Randall Dottin, Luisa Dantas
Short Film :: Shorties
Running Time:12:30 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:45 AM EST
Sunday, November 14
Thalian Black

Writers: Randall Dottin, Angela Tucker, Paige Wood, Luisa Dantas, Rise-Home Stories Project
Key Cast: Russell Hornsby, Denny Dillon, Imani Russell, Kaya Fraites, Sunni Patterson

Set in the near-future, Beau Voda, a utopian world where every aspect of life is powered by water. Teenager, Blaze, reluctantly steps into the esteemed role of Water Bearer with the help of their sister. But when the magical water is tampered with, they discover that their idealistic community may not be as magnanimous as they think.

Screening in the Binky Shorts Block.