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Moths & Butterflies

Alfonso Johnson
Running Time:16:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:00 PM EST
Thursday, November 8
Jengo's Playhouse
4:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 10
Jengo's Playhouse

Cast: Amari Cheatom, Gillian Glasco

Lenny, a schizoaffective, socially awkward, introvert finds it rather difficult to break out of the regimented routine of sobriety and functionality that he has placed on himself. Cherisse is a loud talking, nature loving, free spirited person, who shares a common experience: Once upon a time, they both were committed at the same Mental Facility.

Screening in: Kohlrabi Shorts


Alfonso Johnson is an actor/filmmaker who was born and raised in the greatest city in the world,Queens, NY. He got his start at the world famous Apollo Theater at the age of 12, first as a Tap Dancer, then later as a poet. Alfonso has trained at the prestigious William Esper Studio and is an alum of the Labyrinth Theater Company’s Master Class. Although Alfonso has been performing since adolescence, it was in his sophomore year of college that he truly found his calling and made the transition from full time student to full time aspiring actor…not an easy road to take. In 2012, Alfonso took on his most challenging tasks; becoming a filmmaker. It was then that he wrote “A Saturday is a Terrible Thing to Waste” for which he also produced,directed, and starred in opposite the late comedian Charlie Murphy. Since then he’s gone on to direct/produce several short films. His films have appeared in over 100 film festivals internationally and have distribution on Verizon Fios, Comcast, Xfinity, and Dish Cable Networks. Currently, Alfonso is in development for his debut feature film. To view some of his work you can view his website, for which 3 of his short films are available to stream: www.AlfonsoJohnson.com