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PINK Project (Version 1)

Remi Harris
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Director: Remi Harris

PINK Project (Version 1) was created during the The School of Making thinking VR Residency at Cucalorus during the summer of 2018.

From Director Remi Harris:

I began researching historical spaces and landmark buildings that were part of Wilmington’s rife history including the now defunct building on 714 Castle street. During a solo film shoot, I sat down and looked at my subject, 30 yards of hot pink fabric and got emotional; the news of Nia Wilson had just come out and had shaken me to my core. I had taken the fabric to several of those public sites to capture some 360 footage.

Women have very different experiences in public spaces than men, particularly when they appear alone. The C.D.C. has found that black women die by homicide at nearly three times the rate that white women do and violence against black women is an often neglected part of our national history. I imagined replacing the fabric with a black female body, perhaps my own. What would it feel like to simply exist without fear? Or without worry of crime or harassment and simply just being?

This is the first draft in what I plan to develop into an evening length work that will include an installation, live performance and fully developed vr video.

As you watch this consider if and when you ever felt unsafe in a public space.

“Black women will always be too loud for a world that never intended on listening to them”
— Hanna Allison


Remi Harris is a Barbados born and Brooklyn bred dance artist who’s work explores the intersectionality between dance, new media, and female representation. She is curious to understand the capacity of the body, it’s relationship to technology, and its need to connect to others.