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Austin Herring
Narrative Features :: Vanguard
Running Time:82:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:30 PM EST
Thursday, November 8
Thalian Main
4:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 10
Station Main

Director: Austin Herring
Writer/Producer: Josh Barkey
Cinematographer: Pierce Cook
Actors: Conner Marx, Katie Gunderson

PINK tells the story of a tormented artist named Pink, who has just three days left under house arrest when his friend stashes a backpack full of stolen drugs in his home. While at first glance PINK is a quirky, madcap story of drugs and mayhem, at its heart it is a deeply felt exploration of the freedom available when Pink-the-character finally stops hiding from his painful past and steps out into the light of truth.

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Austin began his film career as an actor, but more recently has become known as an award-winning writer and director with a gift for telling vibrant stories filled with instantly-lovable characters.

In the past several years, Austin has written and/or directed dozens of commercials and industrials for brands like Taco Bell, HP, and Bud Light. His “Mana Screwed” webseries has over six thousand subscribers and has racked up 350K+ views.