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Director: M. Cahill
Narrative Features
Running Time:92:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:15 PM EST
Friday, November 12
Thalian Main

Writer: M. Cahill
Key Cast: Jena Malone, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Emily Kuroda

Donnie Darko‘s Jena Malone stars as a woman struggling to stay afloat in this offbeat, sweet-natured dramedy inspired by a true story. Recently fired from her seventh job, potentially losing her apartment and estranged from her folks, Audrey discovers “adult adoption” on YouTube one night and decides to find new adoptive parents. Like his previous feature King of California, writer-director M. Cahill again explores the interpersonal bonds and strains of makeshift families with nuance, heart and engrossing authenticity.