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Powdery Piggyback Shorts

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:102:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
12:00 AM EST
Saturday, November 14
Streaming On-demand

From the fantastic to the hyper-realistic, these tales of youth finding their way has something for everyone. Touching and terrifying but also hilarious and heartwarming, these eight delightful short films explore family dynamics through the joyous challenges of childhood.


Lorraine Caffery
A father tells his daughter a cautionary tale to keep her out of trouble.

Erica Tremblay
Against the landscape of a rural reservation in Oklahoma, the lives of a Native woman and nine-year-old boy intersect over the course of a school day. Exhausted and burned out, Sharon struggles to provide stability to her fifth grade students. Bear is having a particularly hard time, enduring challenges both at home and in the classroom. He is desperate to escape it all, and Sharon is left chasing a little boy who is running to nowhere.

Farbod Khoshtinat
A boy’s secret love for his closeted bully drives him into an unconventional road to confession and its consequences.

Andrea Rosen
A day in the life of 2 moms, Kitty (a pot smoking therapist) and Rita (an inept hair cutter). They worry that their 15 year old daughter has a secret boyfriend or worse yet, a pimp! The moms wrestle with the anxiety, hormones, and hip hop, of all of it.

Alex Heller
Within the midwestern animal kingdom, teenage workplaces (like Dairy Queen) are known to employ some of the most savage beasts of prey.  In this comedy about animal instincts to protect family, a retiree and her adult daughter must stand up to each other’s bullies.  *Pathetically and nostalgically based on true events.

Logan Jackson
As last-minute plans for a babysitter fall apart, eight-year-old Brandon is left alone to oversee his younger brother Mason.

Wanjiru Njendu
A murderous spirit metes out vengeance on those it believes responsible for it’s death by luring their children away.

Jianna Maarten
A young boy in a Mexican border town hustles any way he can to help his family but learns some very cruel realities when the girl he likes gets ‘disappeared’. Based on trues stories from La Frontera.