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Proper Pronouns

Director: Megan Daniels
Documentary Features
Running Time:65:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
12:00 AM EST
Sunday, November 15
Streaming On-demand

Duane Flynn had it all: a beautiful wife, two wonderful sons, a successful career and was a respected minister in the United Methodist Church in Gastonia, NC. But Duane had a secret. At age eight, he started wearing his mother’s clothing and grandmother’s earrings. He questioned his gender through college, divorce, and his marriage to Pam. But becoming Dawn created a new set of problems. Proper Pronouns tells Dawn’s story while also chronicling the lives of three other transgender ministers as they struggle to prove to their Southern communities that they belong in the pulpit. Megan Daniels crafts a personal and intimate portrait of four extraordinary people striving to be accepted for who they are.