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Shorts Blocks
Running Time:82:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:15 PM EST
Friday, November 12
Thalian Black

Chronicling the lived experiences of BIPOC communities in the American South and US Territories on the unprecedented experience of 2020, HINDSIGHT is a new non-fiction short film series that explores the cultural shifts, community ingenuity, and pivotal conversations defining this moment in America. Presented by Firelight Media, CAAM & Reel South. 

Udaan (Soar)
Amman Abassi

This documentary follows a young Pakistani woman as she immigrated from Karachi, Pakistan to a small town in Arkansas for her first year of college in isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions. But when her mother is turned away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, she must learn to navigate her new life in the U.S. alone.

Missing Magic 
Anissa Simone Latham-Brown

As uprisings spread across the country, a young poet in Birmingham, Alabama becomes involved in local protests against decades of police brutality. As he tries to reconcile the city’s modern image as a diverse and welcoming metropolis with its violent and complex civil rights history, he suddenly becomes a part of the story when he’s arrested at a demonstration.

This Body
Zac Manuel

This exploratory piece assesses the fraught relationship between African Americans and the medical industry. As Sydney Hall participates in an experimental coronavirus vaccine trial in hopes of protecting her beloved New Orleans community, she and her loved ones confront the history of medical abuse and experimentation on Black bodies.

Comida Pa’ Los Pobres (Food For the Poor)
Arleen Cruz-Alicea

Giovanni is a young Puerto Rican activist, who is confronting the island’s persistent crisis of food insecurity. Motivated by his childhood struggle with hunger, he seeks to inspire a movement of solidarity-oriented work by feeding families and college students through mutual aid efforts – all while facing challenges from local authorities.

We Stay in the House
Kiyoko McCrae

An intimate portrait of four mothers in New Orleans as they struggle to care for their families and themselves throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Between taking care of their children, finding time to work, and coping with personal loss and health crises, these womens’ stories represent the lived realities of millions of mothers in America.

Now Let Us Sing
Dilsey Davis

An interfaith, interracial choir in Durham, North Carolina is forced to take a new direction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the choir, which is dedicated to racial unity, must grapple with the dual crises of the coronavirus pandemic and police killings of African Americans, all while trying to sing as one unit while living miles apart.