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China Ball Shorts: Global Perspectives

Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:110:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:00 AM EST
Thursday, November 9
CFCC Union Station

Stopgap in Stop Motion // Stephen Featherstone :: Photographs of performers in an inclusive dance company come to life. The individual artists dance out of the photos and across table tops until the whole company meet and perform in unison. The film combines live action and animation techniques.

Fragments of an Ecosystem // Matthew McCoy :: A look at how ecosystems and humanity are interrelated.

The Driver is Red //  Randall Christopher :: A 15-minute animated true crime documentary that tells the captivating true story of Zvi Aharoni and the Israeli secret service team that brought down one of the most powerful Nazis on the run. Fifteen years after the end of World War II, the team closes in on the murderer in Argentina in their attempt to bring him to justice.

Circles //Kimberly Mariah Smallwood :: A documentary short exploring the reasonings behind women shaming from a large demographic, showing us that women from all ages experience gossiping, backstabbing, and broken friendships. In other words, high school never ends…

Brushstrokes // Jillian Carney :: 10th St and Fanning of Wilmington, NC was considered one of the most rundown parts of the city. Janna Robertson of UNCW saw it as a canvas and decided, “Through painting exotic flora and creatures, our goal is to transform and beautify a somewhat forgotten part of Wilmington that could really use the community’s love.” The gray wall is becoming a vibrant homage to various organizations’ artwork throughout Wilmington

Mr. Joeby // Mandi Edwards :: Mr. Joeby is a hidden gem of Wells. He has lived here all his life. Holding many strings to his bow, including stone-masonry, traditional sign-painting and surfing. This short film focuses on his business, custom-painting mostly on Motorbikes and other vehicles. His airbrush methods are mesmerising to watch, and this observational doc follows his steady hand to see projects from start to completion, while he enlightens you with a few stories.

Commodity City // Jessica Kingdon :: Commodity City is an observational documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: the Yiwu Markets in China. The film explores moments of tension between commerce and individuality, between the goods for sale and the humans who sell them.

Born of Stone // Emilio Bellu :: Pinuccio Sciola was Sardinia’s most important sculptor: active since the ’60s, his sculptures and murals have travelled the world and inspired fellow artists like Renzo Piano. Unlike most sculptors, he was not satisfied to just shape stones. He found a way to make them talk. Completed just a few weeks before Sciola’s recent passing, Born of Stone is an immersion inside the sights and sound of a remarkable artists, and inside his belief that stones are not just the material that gives shape to the universe, but that they are alive, plastic, a fundamental way to communicate with nature.

Now you See It // Rebecca Manley :: A short film, about environmental damage, featuring the voice of Ewan McGregor.