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Tweenie Shorts: Youth

Kidsalorus :: Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:110:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:30 PM EST
Saturday, November 11
Thalian Ballroom

Do the Scrub // Brad Lambert :: After a dirty day of play, the best way to get clean is to do the scrub!  Animated music video featuring vocals by members of Garbage, Fugazi, Widespread Panic, and more.

King Kong versus T-Rex // Walter (Skeetzie) Winner III :: T-Rex gets ripped to shreds when crossing paths with King Kong in this epic jungle battle!

Dear Congress // Annie O’Neil :: Dear Congress is a visual letter to Congress from a group of kids on a playground.  They tell Congress what they have been taught about how to get along with one another, and have a lot of wisdom to share!

The Life of a Dog // Carter Soderena :: All dogs love a good stick!

The Little Giraffe // Anna Kamoroff :: A hungry little giraffe needs the help of a friend to reach the tasty leaves at the top of the tree.

Tiger Toilet // Laurence Unger :: Inspired by the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain,” this animated short reveals a minute in the life of a deeply conflicted and dangerous toilet who comically personifies the self-destructive agony of casual rejection.

Superheroes // Volker Petters :: Phil is too small for his age. This makes him the target of provocations by Samuel and his friends. When Phil unexpectedly receives support from lesbian girl Jo, Samuel isn’t happy. Phil is impressed by the somehow different Jo. However, they are not the only outsiders.

Shape Robot // Scooter Hayes :: Learn your shapes with SHAPE ROBOT!  Created by Scooter Hayes.  Animation by Mike Steele.

My Life With Cats // Ivy Klein :: A 11 year old makes a film about her animals.

Our Story: Carolina BalloonFest // Peter Kulsziski :: Our story tells about the 2nd oldest running balloon festival in the United States.

Zombie Attack in Dog Land // Scooter Hayes :: When an evil wizard deploys a horde of zombies into the peaceful town of Dog Land, villagers must unite and take a stand against the world of darkness.

Mr Fixxer Heart // Samuel Crowder :: Brayden’s friend, Jacob, has a crush on a girl named Peyton.  Since Jacob won’t ask her out, Brayden decides to help.  He asks out Peyton for Jacob.  Friendships are demolished and now he has to fix the turmoil.

Blitz // Chad Knuth :: Pressured by his single mother to pursue a football scholarship, a high school student wonders if it is the best path for him to gain a quality education.

Cradle // Zanyar Lotfi :: One little girl just wants to do her homework, but when her grandpa’s snoring keeps her little sibling from sleeping, she comes up with an idea.

The Photo Album // Samantha Herrick :: Three Creative Arts Campers are asked to retrieve something from the basement. They discover what appears to be an ordinary photo album…little do they know what happens to those who see the photos. Travel back in time and see the mysterious happenings of those who come across the album.

Wishful Whiskers // Pulkit Datta :: For little Ella, tagging along with her dad to his business lunch is no fun. That is, until she notices something. Her dad’s business partner has a fluffy white mustache, which wiggles when he eats. It’s fascinating. Suddenly, everyone else has a mustache too! Why doesn’t she have one? Her mission is clear: she must get her own mustache, and it must be better than what everyone else has.

And the Children Will Burn // Rodrigo Dorfman :: Based on Ariel Dorfman’s poem and story about two children who play “waiting for the enemy” under the shadow of a dictatorship, “And the Children Will Burn” translates this situation of terror to undocumented children hiding in a safe house somewhere in the New South.