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Urban Vapor Shorts: Say What?

Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:99:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:30 PM EST
Saturday, November 11
Thalian Black

Let Go, Mother // Kelley Van Dilla :: While driving to an unknown destination, a son finally confronts his mother.

Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can’t Fix // Jennifer Proctor :: In films, as in life, the bathtub is often considered a private space for women – a place not only to groom, but to relax, to think, to grieve, to be alone, to find sanctuary. For Hollywood, though, it’s also a place of naked vulnerability, where women narratively placed in harm’s way have no escape.

L’Arctique est Paris // Mel Chin :: Footage shot after the ISIS attacks during the 2015 Climate Change convention features a dreamscape of Parisian poodles pulling a Greenlandic Inuit subsistence hunter on his sled through the French capital. In parts delightful and sobering, the film carries the gravity of the Inuit’s message, his witness to climate change foretelling the collapse of his culture, and his pursuit to convey the environmental connections between Greenland, Paris, and the world.

The Mixtape: Stay Black, Baby! // Jasmine Lynea, David Ford :: Set in North Philadelphia, The Mixtape: Stay Black, Baby! paints a complex picture of black America.

This My Favorite Mural // Michael Arcos :: An amateur German female filmmaker becomes infatuated with a tire shop’s mural. She decides to attempt to find the artist who painted the mural and makes her first documentary film. The more she investigates the mundane subject, the further she gets tangled in a web of tire shop mysteries.

Gunge Buddies // Meredith Moore :: an experimental short that explores what happens when a group of friends from an online community get together for the first time to participate in one of the most innocuously beautiful and messy fetishes around: gunging.

Shades // Dri Sommer :: A chance encounter between a beautiful drifter and a cynical gas station clerk results in a night that neither of them will ever forget.