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Mickey Moles Shorts: Love & Romance

Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:105:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:15 AM EST
Sunday, November 12
Thalian Ballroom

Pet Friendly // Catherine Licata :: When a couple’s cat goes missing on a cross-country move, their relationship is tested.

Pilgrims // Jonathan Guggenheim :: Adapted from the novel by Brad Land (Goat) and set in the punk scene of Greenville, SC, 16-year-old Terry Webber struggles to navigate a new reality after a tragedy involving his girlfriend.

Parthenon // Frank Mosley :: A naked body moves a stranger to empathy. PARTHENON is a slippery provocation about the need to be seen.

The Poet and the Professor // Ariel Kavoussi :: In New York, a young aimless writer named Ariel bounces back and forth between two equally dysfunctional affairs – one with her depressed married philosophy professor, and the other with an old angry cinematographer.

Houseplants // Prashanth Kamalakanthan :: As a couple moves in together, full of hope and worry, their day is unexpectedly interrupted by the ghosts of former relationships. Played by real-life couple David Rysdahl and Zazie Beetz.

Pretty Is // Alan Scott Neal :: Sixteen-year-old Honey, has a reputation among the boys her age as being a femme-fatale, but when her advances don’t work on one of the boy’s cousins, Honey decides to get her kicks elsewhere.  Honey meets Leander, a forty-year-old-man who’s come to be saved. She decides to make Leander her conquest and in doing so, she learns the heartbreaking truths of adulthood and human relationships.

Sad Steve // Eric B. Shanks :: A newly single man struggles to find some precious alone time after a recent break-up.