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Edison Shorts: Portraits

Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:115:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 11
Jengo's Playhouse

Still Sophie // Caroline Knight :: Four and a half years ago, young talent Sophia Salveson’s life changed forever. Doctors said she may never walk again, may never talk again…may never perform again. They were wrong.

The Sandman // Lauren Knapp :: A doctor walks the line of his own morality as he participates in executions, while personally opposing capital punishment.

Redneck Muslim // Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, Mustafa Davis :: Explores the life and work of Shane Atkinson, a hospital chaplain in-training at North Carolina’s biggest trauma center and founder the on-line group the “Society of Islamic Rednecks.” A 45-year old, white “good old boy” from Mississippi who converted to Islam in 1999, Shane is exploring ways to honor his Southern heritage while also challenging white supremacy.

Mini Thor // Christopher Wagner ::  Five-Year-Old Ashtin Gerberg is a baseball prodigy whose flowing hair and impressive talents earned him an opportunity to live his dreams and the nickname “Mini Thor.”

Flagged: An American Love Story // Miles McKeller-Smith, Acobe Cheek :: After being thrown into the national spotlight, a young North Carolina educator learns that what some call “love of country” can be abusive.

Lonnie Holley: The Truth of the Dirt // Marco Williams :: Documents a man who sees beauty in what others step on, step over, and leave behind, transforming “junk, trash, garbage and debris” into art.