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Covered Wagon Shorts: Drama

Shorties :: Shorts Blocks
Running Time:103:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:00 PM EST
Sunday, November 12
Thalian Black

Mrs. Drake //  Caitlin FitzGerald :: It takes courage and strength to raise a child but it’s constant doubt that consumes a parent. “Mrs. Drake” will touch a nerve with anyone who is or has struggled through the heartache to be a good parent.

These Colors Don’t Run // Via Bia ::  A tattoo’d woman who hides behind eyeliner and an attitude tells the story of her first ink. Will she drop the act and reveal something real? (this movie was shot on Super 16 film!)

Birthday Cake // Brantly Jackson Watts :: Birdie marks the first anniversary of leaving her abusive partner with a ceremonial candle on a cake. As her fellow survivors leave for the night, Birdie is left to mourn the love she left behind in this Southern Gothic thriller.

The Detail // Kat Croft :: A Special Operations Marine receives last-minute orders to throw a perfect Welcome Home party for one of his brothers-in-arms. Inspired by a true story.

Baby Oil // Shannon Silva :: Stranded without a car in the middle of nowhere North Carolina, a young mother digs in and rides out a severe storm while internally struggling with what to do next regarding her marriage and her life.

A Summer’s Day // Chip Hackler :: A man’s life changes while mowing grass.

REPAIRations! The Musical // Courtney Miller :: REPAIRations! is a story about the power of optimism against forces that are seemingly more powerful than yourself.