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Silenced Sam

Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley
Running Time:5:35 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:15 PM EST
Friday, November 9
Thalian Black
1:00 PM EST
Saturday, November 10
Jengo's Playhouse

Directors: Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky
Producer: David Beilinson

Silent Sam was put up in 1913 – almost 50 years after the Civil War.  We made a video about the massive protest last year that was met with overwhelming force by the police.

Screening in: Salsify Shorts 


Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley began making films together in 1993 with “Half-Cocked”. In 2000 they partnered with David Beilinson forming Rumur- since that time they have made nearly a dozen feature films and countless shorts. They showed their 30 year documentation of protest at Cucalorus last year, “Working In Protest”. Their films “Horns and Halos” and “Battle for Brooklyn” were shortlisted for the Oscar and in 2012 they received a Guggenheim grant.