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Sound for the Future

Director: Matt Hulse
Documentary Features
Running Time:102:00:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:15 PM EST
Sunday, November 14
Jengo's Playhouse

Writer: Matt Hulse

THE HIPPIES were a bizarre English punk band formed in ’79 by the Hulse children, Toby (12), Matt (11) and Polly (8). Their cassette album ‘A Sound for the Future’ featured songs about disease, assassination & the Antarctic. The band performed ticketed live shows for their mother’s chaotic friends, the ‘Cambridge fringe element’: the homeless, animal rights activists, junkies, cross-dressers and a pair of gay Franciscan Friars.  Using music of the period, animation and poetic recreations, Matt Hulse explores a kaleidoscopically fractured family history, through an energetic, jarring, ride.