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Sun Dogs

Jennifer Morrison
Magnolia :: Narrative Features
Running Time:98:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:15 PM EST
Saturday, November 11
CFCC Union Station

Intellectually limited from an accident at birth, Ned Chipley has failed time and time again at achieving his dream of ‘saving lives’. After a fourth thwarted attempt to join the marines, he pairs up with a young run away, Tally Peterson. Together they surveil a group of young men who they mistake as terrorists. Ned and Tally accidentally make the most improbable and unfortunate homeland security team. Their misadventures and misunderstandings lead to the unexpected discovery that sometimes the greatest purpose in life can present itself in the most unlikely of places.


Short Before the Feature: One Hundred Thousand Times // Cinthya Zavala, Manfred López Grem :: A young woman on the run becomes trapped in an alternate reality where she’s doomed to suffer 100,000 times the same death.