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The House I Never Knew (Work-in-Progress)

Director: Randall Dottin
Documentary Features :: Voices
Event Date(s)
1:45 PM EST
Friday, November 15
Jengo's Playhouse

Producers: Randall Dottin, Angela Tucker, Cynthia Kobel

The House I Never Knew is a six-part documentary series that will chronicle the lives of people struggling to fight against the negative effects of housing segregation policy. We’ll conduct incisive interviews, showcase scenes with our main characters, use archival footage for historical context, and show community stakeholders who contribute to the health and well-being of their neighborhoods. Housing segregation policy concentrates poverty and exacerbates social ills like gun violence and educational failure. The doc-series will show how these government policies have specifically affected the eco-systems of three cities: Chicago, Houston and Boston.

Works-in-Progress Lab / Cucalorus 2019


Randall Dottin grew up in Boston and received his bachelor’s degree in Film from Dartmouth College and an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts Graduate Series Division. His thesis film, “A-Alike”, was licensed for a two-year broadcast run by HBO in 2003 and has won numerous awards and distinctions including: the DGA Award for Best African-American Student Filmmaker and the Gold Medal at the 2004 Student Academy Awards for Best Narrative Film. In 2007, Randall completed “Lifted”, sponsored by Fox Searchlight’s program for emerging directors, the Fox Searchlab. In March 2009, Randall was named by INDIEWIRE Magazine as one of the Top Ten New Voices in Black Cinema.