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The Power of Glove

Andrew Austin, Adam Ward
Documentary Features :: Magnolia
Running Time:86:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:30 PM EST
Friday, November 10
Thalian Black

“The Power of Glove” is a documentary chronicling the history & legacy of the notoriously “bad” Nintendo Power Glove, the first mass-marketed gesture-based video game controller.  Released by Mattel in 1989, the Power Glove was the brainchild of the optimistic pioneers in the 1980s virtual reality frontier, and it was hyped as a revolutionary device that would change the way humans interact with computers.  Unfortunately for us humans, the Power Glove just plain sucked.  Its performance didn’t live up to its hype, and it was quickly relegated to bargain bins as a worthless gimmick.  Nearly three decades after its release, however, a small but dedicated fanbase has brought new life to the Power Glove by hacking & repurposing it into musical instruments, art projects, virtual reality devices, and a slew of other creative ends.  By bridging the link between the 1980s and the current V.R. revival, “The Power of Glove” tells the story of how & why the Power Glove lives on.


Short Before the Feature: Lock & Load // Brandon Robey :: A hero suits up for battle…