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The World or Nothing

Director: Ingrid Veninger
Documentary Features :: Magnolia
Running Time:84:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:15 AM EST
Friday, November 15
Thalian Ballroom
7:15 PM EST
Sunday, November 17
Thalian Black

Producer: Ingrid Veninger
Cinematographer: Leon Guallart Diaz
Sound Recordist: John Switzer
Editor: Claudia Munuera
Featuring: Rubert and Rubildo Donatien Dinza

The World or Nothing (El Mundo o Nada) is the first non-fiction feature film by award-winning Slovak-Canadian filmmaker, Ingrid Veninger. A loving and intimate portrait of 29-year-old Cuban twin brothers, Rubert and Rubildo, which begins as they build a new life in Barcelona, Spain. The film explores our obsession with social media, the emotional cost of carrying big ambitions and the special bonds of sibling love. For the brothers, “The World” means achieving one-million friends on social media, making their parents proud, starting a family, and gaining international recognition as a dancing, singing, performing duo. “Nothing” is not an option.


Ingrid Veninger was born in Bratislava and raised in Canada. Veninger has presented three of her previous features at Cucalorus. Since 2008, she has written and directed six narrative feature films. Her films The Animal Project, He Hated Pigeons and Porcupine Lake each had their US Premiere at Cucalorus. Veninger founded the pUNK Films FEMMES LAB to foster original screenplays written by Canadian women. In May 2019, Veninger received her MFA in Cinema Studies at York University.

Screening with:
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Director: Leah Shore / 0:27
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