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When the Waters Get Deep

Director: Kelly Whalen
Short Film
Running Time:33:50 minutes
Event Date(s)
12:00 AM EST
Tuesday, November 17
Streaming On-demand

The Oakland musicians of SOL Development use hip-hop, jazz and soul to tell stories about the effects of policing, mass incarceration and gun violence, and the band members work to create spaces for healing in Black and brown communities. When MC Karega Bailey loses his own brother in a shooting, his grief makes him sick with revenge and hopelessness, and he is left questioning his own message of hope and peace. Turning to his faith, family and writing, Bailey finds his voice and purpose again. With the collective BE-IMAGINATIVE, Bailey and his bandmates help lead retreats for mothers whose children have been taken by gun violence. This work prepares Bailey and his wife, Felicia, as they are tested with another profound personal loss.

Screening in the Turquoise Elfcup Shorts block.