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White Ravens: A Legacy of Resistance

Georg Koszulinski
Documentary Features :: Voices
Running Time:85:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:15 AM EST
Saturday, November 10
Thalian Black

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Georg Koszulinski
Producers: Elizabeth Slagsvol, Meredith Thompson, Christina Roberts, Georg Koszulinski, Joshua Yates

How do you resist cultural assimilation and maintain a sense of history and tradition in the face of recurring aggression? White Ravens is a critically important lesson about how a people can stand together and fight back with power and dignity. The men and women featured in the film share their stories of pain, anger, and trauma. But it is their resilience, respect for tradition, and deep love for the natural world that most endures.


Georg is a documentarian, experimental filmmaker, and film essayist with a deep interest in Indigenous Histories of the Americas. Over the past two decades, his award-winning works have been presented at hundreds of universities and film festivals around the world. Fandor distributes his Florida Trilogy (2007-14) and his experimental film essay series, Frontier Journals #1-8 (2013-15). His films have also appeared on the Documentary Channel, GuideDoc, and the Journal of Short Film. Currently, Georg is continuing his documentary work on Haida Gwaii, focusing on the industrial logging operations that continue to threaten the Haida People’s ancestral territories. Georg is an Assistant Professor of Film Studies at UNCW, where he teaches filmmaking.