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Witches Butter Shorts

Shorts Blocks
Running Time:53:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
12:00 AM EST
Wednesday, November 11
Streaming On-demand

Magical and mesmerizing, this pairing of dance films honors the festival’s tradition of showcasing bold new work that breaks the mold and takes the merging of cinema and choreography to new places.


Danielle Deadwyler
With filmmaking and performance as primary media, Danielle Deadwyler blurs the line on labor of the black body. Through experimental and theatrical exhibition structures, she especially bolsters the black female body’s work and its range: public/private, domestic/sexual, individual and with community, in documentary and fictive narratives.

Tuixén Benet
Aloma and Mila are two women who meet under the fantastic lights of fake summer cities on the coast of Valencia, Spain. Mila is in search of a place to belong and finds Aloma instead. Instantly feeling drawn to each other, they will use this new friendship that builds on laughter and complicity, to cope with the loneliness and strangeness of the full-time void entertainment environment they’re located in. Benet choreographs an elliptical narrative that explores the embodied ether of new friendship as two female young adults move their bodies through space in a delicate and playful story about intimacy and doubt.