Hiring Staff Volunteer Positions!


Cucalorus is hiring! All the following are staff volunteer positions. Expect to commit between 5-10 hrs per week leading up to the festival. If you’ve already signed up to volunteer for the fest but are interested in one of the below positions, Email resumes, a brief paragraph about why you’d like the position, and a silly .gif to Jamie at operations@cucalorus.org!! 


Engagement Coordinator – Engage our incredible community with screenings and events!

VR Coordinator – Curate VR projects and set up the Virtual Reality Expo!

Bar Manager – Maintain organized, stocked, and staffed bars at our Cucalorus events!

Social Media Coordinator – Post news bits and embarrassing photos from the Cuc multiverse!

Hospitality Coordinator – Ensure our awesome volunteers and staff don’t go hungry during the festival!

Party Coordinator – Organize all of the social festivities that bring all of Cucalorus together in weird and wonderful ways!

Transportation Coordinator – Get all of our Cucalorians where they need to go, when they need to go!

Food and Beverage Coordinator – Ensure all Cucalorus events are sufficiently supplied with libations and food stuff!

WiP Coordinator – Handle all of the logistics for our exceptional Works-in-Progress participants!

Signage Coordinator – Ensure that Cucalorus is visible around town!

Emcee Coordinator – Keep track of all our incredible emcee’s!

Housing Coordinator – Help to organize where we can house all of our talented filmmakers and special guests!

Jengo’s Manager – Take care of all the events that take place at the home of Cucalorus!

Filmmaker Hospitality – Hustle food and beverage to the filmmaker’s lounge in Thalian Hall.

Connect Box Office Coordinator – Take the tickets, coordinate passes, and organize the box office at CFCC Union Station for the Connect Conference.

Connect Production Manager – Keep an eye on CFCC Union Station as it fills with humans who need chairs, tables, directions, extra vitamins, whatever!

Connect A/V Coordinator – Keep Connect tech up and running via computers, screens, and mics!

Print Traffic – Handle all of the prints as they travel in and out of the festival!

Digital Media Coordinator  – Create, deliver, and organize all of the electronic media for festival screenings!