How ya’ll feel about a SPACE LAUNCH PARTY!?! … a’cause we’re having one! SEPTEMBER 30! it’s going to make your circulation double-time. it’s only $5 FREEAKING DOLLARS. donate on our KICKSMARTER KICKSTARTER and we’ll hand feed you gluten-free corndogs.

Cucalorus needs your help! We’re looking to you, our friends, fellow artists, and casual encounters, to make a donation to Cucalorus. Your donation will support more than 300 artists who will be presenting new work at the 18th annual Cucalorus Film Festival in November. Roughly half of your donation will go directly to filmmakers. Each year Cucalorus provides artists with over $30,000 in direct financial support (that’s more than half of all ticket sales!). The remainder of the funding will be used to rent the equipment we need to show some of the world’s greatest movies! It’s really that basic. We hope you’ll help us in our mission to bring people together to celebrate, discover and create independent films.

More than 170 independent and international films will hit the screen at the festival this fall, with special programs focusing on social justice, North Carolina artists, dance, music videos, emerging directors, and hits from the festival circuit. In order to pull it off, we need your help. We’ll be providing financial support to at least 80 of the 300+ artists in attendance. These talented and provocative creatures will be coming from all over the world to share stories and build community. Your dollars will help to support their work, their travel and their future artistic pursuits.

Cucalorians are motivated by one simple purpose: to provide an intimate opportunity for artists and audiences to connect on their own terms. No big corporate sponsors, no big marquee stealing funders – just filmmakers and film fans getting together to celebrate (code word: party like monsters).

Cucalorus presents provocative works in a wide range of disciplines – bringing the most talented and innovative artists together to conceive new works, launch new projects and make new friends.
This Kickstarter project funds the Cucalorus financial support program for attending filmmakers. Through this program (and with matching funds from sponsors and donors) attending filmmakers receive travel support, lodging, and enough cash to stay fed and fueled for the festival. The program’s long term goal is to help sustain the work of independent artists by helping them to make some money!!

for 5 crumpled lumpkins Get listed on the Cucalorus website, more people read it than the phone book! For just five singles (dollar bills not your dateless friends), in addition to being forever ingraved in our hearts, your name will also be added to our Launch Party guest list! This party will be held exclusively for all of our sponsors, passholders, staff, volunteers, fourth cousins, and YOU sexy beasts! There may be foam, there may be monsters, and it’ll be the best Sunday night of your life. Stay tuned to our blog: