Love the One You’re With…At the Oscars!


Hey all you late-night-luvverz! Don’t miss your chance to reserve a love-seat (aka. two names on the guest list) at this year’s Oscar Party, presented by Cucalorus on February 24, 2013 at Screen Gems Studio. Couples seats are now on sale for $180, which saves you $20! You can put that extra cash towards another date at Cinematique’s Oscar Shorts Night!

Partner up ya single sammys!

Partner up ya single sammys!

 And for you singles out there, this delightful deal isn’t just for the romantically-involved. We are welcoming all the duos to join in, from the gal-pals to the bromances, the blind dates to the multiple personalities. Bring it on Cucalorians!

An Evening at the Oscars is sponsored by Screen Gems Studio, Planet Logo, DigiEffects, Wide Open Technologies, Lanier Property Group, Greater Wilmington Business Journal, Encore, and WWAY.