Mission Complete.


MONSTER THANKS to the hundreds of thousands of millions of Artists, Filmmakers, Sponsors, Civilians, and Volunteers that attended our 18th CUCALORUS FILM FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For four days each Fall, the Cucalorus Solstice casts a radiant motif across the landscape of downtown Wilmington. During this temporal phenomenon, a inspired collective of incandescent beings come together to share stories, learn, and create. We convene in the shadowed corners along the banks of the Cape Fear river to gaze at the lights dancing on screens.

This year we hosted 207 (?? who counted ??) films, from fifteen countries. Filmmakers and artists were at an all-time high. We guzzled double the moonshine we did last year and we saved the world, yet again, from becoming too complacent.

So, ThankYOU, you tight little sugar britches! for lending us your super powers and allowing us to infiltrate you eyebuds and saturate your psyches this past weekend! You fill our hearts and souls with baby dragons and glittorious fireworks! K.I.T! We’ll be posting all the questionable footage soon!

We encourage your feedback, photos and confessions!
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Keep it fierce Cucalorians!!