Pop-Up Cinema: ROOTS Week 2015


ROOTS Week 2015 / August 4-9, 2015 / Arden, NC

Pop-Up Cinema is traveling west. We’ve loaded up our rental car with all the projectors, speakers, power cables, lenses, and glitter it can hold and we’re heading to ROOTS Week 2015! Catch these screenings throughout the retreat.


Wednesday / 1pm to 2pm / Peace Room // Environment and Economy

Camille Schaffer / 1980’s TV News stories / 12:00

Jordan Flaherty / Occupy Wall Street: History of an Occupation / 25:00
A look at how Occupy Wall Street went from a small group of New York protesters to a broad people’s movement in the US. Filmed for Al Jazeera.

Thursday / 1pm to 2pm / Peace Room // Cultural Equity #blacklivesmatter
Cucalorus 2015 Works-in-Progress Samples

Jackie Olive / Black to our ROOTS / 4:11
A journey film that follows a group of African American teens as they travel from Atlanta, GA, to Ghana in search of their connection to Africa.

Jason Foster / Post Racial America: A Children’s Story / 4:39

Written and performed by poet A Scribe Called Quess?, this film implores the viewers to have an honest conversation about race in this newly dubbed “post-racial society”.

Jason Foster / Greater than the Sum / 6:33
The words of Rethinkers (Jamia and Rashad) and the visuals of the non-tourist New Orleans give us a glimpse into what it’s like being a black youth in today’s society.

Friday / 1pm to 2pm / Peace Room // Immigration, Migration

Jordan Flaherty / A Conversation in Gaza with Haidar Eid / 8:00
A conversation about liberation with Dr. Haidar Eid, a professor of post-colonial and post-modern literature at Al Aqsa University, in Gaza, who is one of the intellectual leaders of the global movement for Palestinian liberation.

Rodrigo Doorman / Nuevolution: Latinos and the New South, 15:00

Saturday / 2pm to 5pm / Peace Room

Jordan Flaherty / People vs Coal in Colombia / 7:00
In rural Colombia, Angelika Ortiz and Yasmin Romero Hipeayiu, two women from La Guajira region are organizing within their Wayuu indigenous communities to combat the largest open-pit coal mine in the world co-owned by three of the world’s biggest multinational corporations.

Bailey Barash, A Conversation with Camille Baumgartner, 10:00 excerpt
A woman who came of age in the 60’s tells what it was like to be a Playboy bunny in the early days, and why that experience and all the challenges she faced after have lead her to decline treatment for her final challenge – lung cancer.

Bailey Barash, A Conversation with Lanny Harvey and Hector Pujol, 10:00 excerpt
Two men, partners for over 35 years, remain together even though one has been suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease for half their relationship.

Patton White / The Paper Project: Scenes 1-4 / 17:26
A new movement-theater piece that combines elements of dance, puppetry, original music, video projection and myth to  examine the multiple ways that paper has been used, and continues to be used, to wield power and control.

Open Screen / Contact Dan / Who? Knows!