Rocket Pitch Prize Winner!



Congratulations to the winner of the Rocket Pitch Competition during the Cucalorus Connect Conference 2017:: Jeff Guard, founder of Brilliant Sole, an immersive VR footwear company! Members of the Cucalorus Board of Directors presented Jeff with the “Rocket Pitch Prize” this week, sponsored by the Blake and Bailey Family Fund.


Rocket Pitch Prize Sponsored by:


The Blake and Bailey Family Fund presents awards to “encourage innovation, competition, and results through the funding of dedicated prizes throughout the year. [They] seek to drive change and motivate the change makers by financially recognizing excellence and dedication.”

Pictured above (from left to right): Sue Meier (Cucalorus Board President), Thomas Varnum (Cucalorus Board Chair), Andrew Keener (CTO, Brilliant Sole), Jeff Guard (Founder, Brilliant Sole), and Dan Brawley (Executive Director, Cucalorus Festival).

Read a brief description about Brilliant Sole::

With pressure gauging sensors and haptic motors embedded in the insole directly underneath your feet, and accelerometers, we have created great looking footwear that controls virtual movement from both sitting or standing positions, while remaining in a confined space.

BrilliantSole footwear is your gateway to full immersion within your virtual world. Imagine skiing down a mountain, leading a military strike force, or being the lead drummer in a band and using your feet to control your character.

Easily sync up your BrilliantSole footwear using our user friendly mobile app to your VR device and start your journey today! Learn more at