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Cucalorus 27 – Schedule by Venue

The 27th annual Cucalorus Film Festival will be live* in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Check back soon for more information about 2021 venues. 

Rather see the schedule by day? Go here!

*Please note that this may change at any given time due to COVID-19 mandates

26th Cucalorus Film Festival

Streaming On-demand

These films are available in our streaming library! New selections are added daily and are available for 4 days.

Dewdrop Dapperling Shorts / available Nov 22-25

Drought / available Nov 22-25

Freeland / available Nov 22-25

Hairy Parachute Shorts / available Nov 22-25

Free Zooms

Ranging from lounges, to filmmaker conversations, and Connect events, these opportunities to gather as a community are the heartbeat behind Cucalorus – so we’ve made them available to everyone for free via zoom (registration is required)!

We had such incredible conversations over zoom world during the festival! Stay tuned for more times throughout the year to engage and connect!



Curbside Cinema Drive-in

That’s a wrap on our parking lot cinema experience for Cucalorus 26!

But check out our December selections for Curbside Cinema in partnership with UNCW, StarNews, & WHQR!


Live Online

These films and events have a specific start time! Don’t be late!

Every live event has completed it’s run!!

Past Events

NC Film Forum / Wednesday, Nov 11th at 5:30PM

El Father Plays Himself / Opening Night Feature: Wednesday, Nov 11th at 8:00PM

Time of Moulting / CONVULSIONS: Wednesday, Nov 11th at 10:30PM

Reality Television, Political Theater, and Social Change / Kristina Wong: Thursday, Nov 12 at 8PM

Beast Beast / Friday, Nov 13th at 8:00PM 

Visual/Sound/Walls: Friday the 13th with SPARKS / Friday, Nov 13th at 10:30PM

A Conversation with Witches Butter filmmakers / Saturday, Nov 14th at 6:00PM

Drought / Saturday, Nov 14th at 8:00PM

Filmmaker’s Lounge: Dance-Magic-Dance; Talk-Magic-Talk / Saturday, Nov 14th at 10:30PM

Witches Butter Shorts / available Nov 11-14

A Conversation with Gassy Webcap filmmakers / Sunday, Nov 15th at 4:00PM

Best Summer Ever / Sunday, Nov 15th at 6:00PM

A Conversation with Jennifer Sharp, Erika Cohn, and Angela Tucker / Sunday, Nov 15th at 6:00PM

A Conversation with King Oyster filmmakers  / Sunday, Nov 15th at 8:00PM

Secret Convulsions #1 / Sunday, Nov 15th at 10:30PM

Gassy Webcap Shorts / available Nov 12-15

The Chasing of a Great Movie / available Nov 12-15

StoryShift: Accountability in Documentary / Monday, Nov 16th at 2:00PM

Filmmaker’s Lounge: Feet to the Fire— From Accountability to Change in the Midst of a Racial Reckoning / Monday, Nov 16th at 4:00PM

A Conversation with Powdery Piggyback filmmakers / Monday, Nov 16th at 7:00PM

Hairy Nut Disco Shorts / Monday, Nov 16th at 10:30PM

King Oyster Shorts / available Nov 13-16

Belly of the Beast / available Nov 13-16

Leadership: 7 days, 7 generations / Tuesday, Nov 17th at 2:00PM

“What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Blacker” with special guest Damon Young / Tuesday, Nov 17th at 7:00PM

A Conversation with Carla Forte / Tuesday, Nov 17th at 9:00PM

Conejo (Rabbit) / available Nov 14-17

From Hardship to Hope / Wednesday, Nov 18th at 2:00PM

A Conversation with Weeping Toothcrust filmmakers / Wednesday, Nov 18th at 7:00PM

A Conversation with Turquoise Elfcup filmmakers / Wednesday, Nov 18th at 9:00PM

Secret Convulsions #2 / Wednesday, Nov 18th at 10:30PM

Powdery Piggyback Shorts / available Nov 14-18

Weeping Toothcrust Shorts / available Nov 15-18

Proper Pronouns / available Nov 15-18

Stories of Home and Land / Thursday, Nov 19th at 2:00PM

LiveLab Meet-Up / Thursday, Nov 19th at 4:00PM

A Conversation with Melody Gilbert, Rita Davern, Megan Daniels / Thursday, Nov 19th at 7:00PM

Freeland / Thursday, Nov 19th at 8:00PM

A Conversation with Twisted Deceiver filmmakers / Thursday, Nov 19th at 9:00PM

Stories I Didn’t Know / available Nov 16-19

Impolite Conversations about race, education, justice and health / Friday, Nov 20th at 2:00PM

Hairy Parachute Shorts Block / Friday, Nov 20th at 8:00PM

Inspector Ike / Friday, Nov 20th at 10:30PM

Turquoise Elfcup Shorts / available Nov 17-20

Murmur / available Nov 17-20

A Conversation with Lana Garland, Nathan Clarke, Heather Young / Saturday, Nov 21st at 4:00PM

A Conversation with Slippery Jack filmmakers / Saturday, Nov 21st at 6:00PM

Dramarama / Saturday, Nov 21st at 8:00PM

Filmmaker’s Lounge: Soar on Hawk’s Wings and Dig with Dead Man’s Toes / Saturday, Nov 21st at 10:30PM

Twisted Deceiver Shorts / available Nov 18-21

The Passing On / available Nov 18-21

A Conversation with Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, George King / Sunday, Nov 22nd at 4:00PM

Gazed At: Stories of a Mortal Body / Sunday, Nov 22nd at 6:00PM

Unapologetic / Closing Night Feature: Sunday, Nov 22nd at 8:00PM

Secret Convulsions #3 / Sunday, Nov 22nd at 10:30PM

Slippery Jack Shorts / available Nov 19-22

Thumbs Up for Mother Universe / available Nov 19-22

A Conversation with Purple Jellydisc filmmakers / Monday, Nov 23rd at 7:00PM

For the Love of Rutland / available Nov 20-23

A Conversation with Dewdrop Dapperling filmmakers / Tuesday, Nov 24th at 7:00PM

Purple Jellydisc Shorts / available Nov 21-24

Test Pattern / available Nov 21-24