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Running Time:120:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:00 PM EST
Wednesday, November 13
Thalian Main

Pushing boundaries by showcasing artists working at the intersections of film and dance. Film and choreography come together in an experimental evening of movement.

Alyona Amata, Emily Bannerman
Round place of circles, circling, and being circled. A study of finding organic circles on the body and using the camera to find movements and patterns.

Sue Meier, Joy Allen
Disorder is about a woman with bipolar disorder. While bipolar refers to the two main stages of mania and depression, our project also includes the rage that frequently presents. Will she find balance in her life?

immobilité dansant
Nancy Podrasky Carson, Gene A. Felice II
A re-imagining of a previous Dance-alorus work exploring the possibilities of dancers taking architectural shapes with projections and costumes that change shape.

Mirla Criste
out of the arms of oblivion
uncurls, unfolds
in a dark velvet sky
the breath of the night wind
the sweet last adventure

(for Dad)

Moodna Process
Eryka Dellenbach
A multimedia cross-analysis of a body-based, creative process and the agency of the site around which it is based that challenges artists’ tendencies to analogize with nature.

Niurca Márquez, Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez
Performer Niurca Márquez is asked to step off the screen to interact with the audience, her old self and personal story in light of the embodied experience of continued systemic social violence against women.

Obscured Habitations
SheaRa Nichi, TK Turbo
Forgetting that the ocean was once her home, a Mermaid, the African Goddess of the Ocean— in Nigeria called Yemoja, in Brazil called Lemanja— is lost on land. She struggles to communicate, to understand this above the water world, and its inhabitants.

Sin papeles/Without Papers
Kevin Green, Damien Capps
People risking their lives for the promise of refuge is a powerful American story woven into our national fabric.  But what happens when the hero of this tale— the immigrant seeking protection— becomes a target?

Une Nuit Comme Ca
Linda Larson, Patrick Ogelvie
In the big city, a secret club attracts desperate gamblers seeking the big win. Cocktails flow, hands are dealt, chips stack up, and lovely ladies linger.  As the booze wears off and the smoke clears, the highrollers find themselves tangled in a tortured web of deception and betrayal with a syndicate of sexy swindlers.

Well if you mustache…
Kate Mulstein, Harris Muhlstein
She thought she was going in for a routine dentist appointment.  Little did she know the procedure that would change her life forever.