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Running Time:120:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:00 PM EST
Wednesday, November 8
Thalian Main

A festival tradition, Dance-a-lorus pushes boundaries by pairing filmmakers and choreographers for an exploration of film and dance. This live stage event encourages collaboration as a fundamental form of creative expression. From abstraction to documentary, film and choreography come together in an experimental showcase of the region’s most talented artists.

Losing Time // Channing Wilson, Megan Manship:: Take a journey with us as we explore the distance between the dull moments that last forever, and the precious ones that slip away. Face your fears, dance with your anxiety, decide to make the best of what life you have left, or watch as it all happens within a blink of an eye. The clock is always ticking, we are not guaranteed a future, so will you enjoy the present, before it is too late?

Let’s Make the Beach Great Again // Patrick Ogelvie, Linda Ann Webb :: As we bear witness to the Trump administration’s destructive agenda and the neverending parade of delusional White House tweets, Frankie and Annette attempt to navigate this new landscape as the cast find themselves dropped into Beach Blanket Bizarro, a slightly askew version of Frankie and Annette’s world.  The film will feature gender-bending antics on the beach with our cast of 5 men in bikini tops and 14 surfer divas sporting pussy hats, demonstrating a humorous but thoughtful expression of concerns that so many are currently struggling with.

Democracy //Dylan PattersonAnne Firmender:: Choreographed to the Leonard Cohen poem “Democracy” as performed by the author Neil Gaiman, with music by his wife, Amanda Palmer. Patriotic stock video footage is remixed to accompany movement expressive of the transformation from stifled and voiceless to a state of empowerment.

Fractured Fantasy // Russell Hoffman, Qaadir Hicks:: An overworked man, who has forgotten the magic of life rediscovers it when he has interactions with Disney characters. The characters dance to life and revitalize the man’s sense of the world. Instead of the depressing news of the day, Disney’s Newsies take the man and the audience through fun headlines that segway into Disney characters.

you are nothing/you were all i had // Lucy Kerr :: In this multimedia project, the camera was mounted outside of and on the inside of the performer, confusing personal and proscenium perceptions of the subject. The piece is rooted in questions of control and what the human form, which is in a constant conversation with gravity, can touch. The subject is in a consistent relationship with the ground, while the sky remains an untouchable entity that is nonetheless longed for and looked up to. The piece is interested in our fixation toward upwardness, as the pop song continues to spiral up and up and the body remains heavy.

Ready, Player 1 // Bradford Brown, Nancy Carson :: A multimedia dance journey through the video game world.  Our hero gets transported into the world of video games. Can he find the treasure? Defeat the evil boss at the end of the level? Save the princess? Get back home? You’ll have to play to see.

Weft // Galen Bremer, Zoe Rabinowitz :: Weft investigates how we weave our personal narrative from the people, places, and communities we come to know throughout our lives. Developed in residencies in the U.S and abroad through site-based improvisation, dance for camera, and studio practice, this multi-media solo work incorporates movement, music, film projection, and textiles in an intimate live performance that attempts to unravel the thread of one artist’s journey.

The Village // Alyona Amato (Suslova), Erika Edwards :: The Village is the place where women can find the connection with each other. To be a part of the love, peace, and support we all need. The Village is also inside every woman. Helping us to identify with each other; find differences, explore our uniqueness, become individuals, locate our peace of mind. When women can be supportive and together thru the good and the bad.

Black/White // Kevin Lee-y Green :: Black/White is an exploration into the deep fabric of history and how race is the driving force behind everything that is American. History repeats itself – this hackneyed statement rings true as we explore the past (desegregation of schools, lynching, protests, riots, etc.) and how it evolves while holding onto the same negative beliefs.

Welcome to America // Emma Jaster, Josephine Decker :: Dick would like you to take your seats. Hurry up! Ok, please direct your attention to the screen. Here is all the information you need to integrate into our All-American society…. Got that? Ok, hand over your souls, welcome to America! Dick, a white supremacist cultural counselor in America’s stellar immigration system, will explain the facts of your new life in this country in this movement-based, clown-inspired piece, with the aid of a small outdated screen. See his famous cultural appropriation dance to the national anthem.