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Filmmaker’s Lounge: Feet to the Fire— From Accountability to Change in the Midst of a Racial Reckoning

Hosts: Byron Hurt, Anna Ray-Smith
Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
4:00 PM EST
Monday, November 16
Live Online

This guided discussion is geared towards Black Filmmakers interested in activism through the medium of narrative and documentary filmmaking. Award-winning documentarian, Byron Hurt, and independent filmmaker, Anna Ray-Smith, will be leading a discussion about what accountability looks like for storytellers in film. Feet to the Fire is a designated conversation for black filmmakers to network, vent, and create safe spaces for discourse related to race relations, mental health, and navigating the creative industry.

*This is a free event but registration through the Zoom link to the left is required to access this live online event.