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Filmmaker’s Lounge: Dance-Magic-Dance; Talk-Magic-Talk

Host: Sophie Traub
Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
10:30 PM EST
Saturday, November 14
Live Online
As an artist and a filmmaker, you are POWERFUL. You know this. Your ability to tell stories is the ability to dream alongside the groups of people that are your audience. You plant seeds in the collective subconscious, you make or break social norms, you help envision the future, and you provide the escapes we crave under pressure. This is part of what you love about creating and perhaps also find daunting at times. In this filmmaker’s lounge, we will collectively take a look at what role artists and filmmakers have the opportunity of playing in guiding us through the complex social, political and environmental times we are in. No one is an authority in this conversation; we will all tumble our way through together and hopefully ask some really good questions. I will bring some questions to ask of you, and I hope you will bring questions of me and others also. We will make use of breakout rooms and every 20 minutes we will have a 3 minute DANCE BREAK, and then a 3 minute journaling break, to ensure we don’t get too stuck in our exploration, and continue to remember our vital bodies even as we pour over our screens in conversational hunger…Very excited to gather with you! <3

*This is a free event but registration through the Zoom link to the left is required to access this live online event.