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Hominy Shorts

Running Time:130:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
6:30 PM EST
Thursday, November 8
V/S/W Lounge

Key Largo // Talia Alberts, Russell Yaffe :: Official music video for Baby Dayliner’s song, “Key Largo,” off of his forthcoming Key Largo EP (Brassland).

LiLa – 3Dots // Stefano Pennisi :: A music video for the song ‘3Dots’ by LiLa. This is the first official single off their new album ‘V’.

Robovine – What a Way to Go // Ryan Decker :: A surreal exploration through an alien world and a news-obsessed cult.

Restless Legs // Russell Sheaffer :: A new music video from Dave Keuning.

Atlas World // Morgana McKenzie :: A malignant spirit forces a girl into a perilous journey through a watery underworld.

The Beths – “Little Death” // Norwood Cheek :: “Little Death” is taken from The Beths’ album, “Future Me Hates Me,” out now on Carpark Records.

“Song of the Mogwai” by Moon Racer // Autumn Ehinger :: In the gentle and dreamy lyric video for Moon Racer’s “Song of the Mogwai,” journal entries about love and loss come to life via stop-animation.

Fortnite – ‘Gasoline’ // Sven D., Philipp Primus :: Fortnite take us on a joy ride of its own with the help of Spinning Cars, burning tires and an ethereal track.

Ice Teens – Maud Geffray // Thomas Vernay :: A girl joins a strange training center.

Silent Strike – It’s Not Safe To Turn Off Your Computer (feat. EM) // Florina Titz :: Music video for Romanian Electronic music producer Silent Strike’s upcoming single – about sex, ping pong and San Francisco. Shot in San Francisco in May 2016 by Romanian director Florina Titz and American DP Max Moore.

The Memories – Royal United Song Sampler // nesto :: A 12 song sampler of The Memories double LP on Burger Records, shot in one continuous five minute take.

We Got Hours // Patrick Basquill :: Two dudes, who are good at the games. They are good at the games.

Crook – “Lavender” // Matthew Kaundart :: Lavender is a tale of lovers, united by attraction but distressed with the physical and moral limitations imposed on them by their own gender identities; it is their questions that inform their dance, both wild abandon and innate conflict reflect back and forth off of them in the vast empty space while the menstrual divine attempts to guide them back to themselves and to love.

Prismism // Russell Sheaffer :: A music video from the forthcoming album by Dave Keuning (The Killers).

Shake it Off // Tony Morin :: Jesse Stockton swims through the world of Snapchat to find his lost penguins. Spoiler alert, he finds them.

West Virginia // Patrick Basquill :: When the forward momentum between you is lost, where do you go?

Weeds // Justin Lacy :: A vagabond bicycle rolls through a night-time dream-world of yarn-string hills, construction-paper trees and pipe-cleaner farms, racing against invasive, rapidly growing Kudzu.

“Used To” by Pinky Verde ft. D’est Roy // Heather Jensen :: In this music video, Pinky Verde’s song “Used To” is played over lush and green visuals of a woman who is actually a venus fly trap.

Turn Up the Volume // Jordan Ray Allen :: A private funded facility conducting mind-altering experiments must take drastic measures for an unruly patient.

Netflix & Children // Cameron Smith :: Camboi Smif meets the great niece of the log lady from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and lays down an imagined session of Neflix & Children for her.

The Dwarves – Devil’s Level // nesto :: Rock’s legendarily fucked up band the Dwarves take no prisoners on this eye popping hell ride.

B3d 0f R0s3s // Kelley Van Dilla, Molly Marx :: B3d 0f R0s3s is an experimental audio-visual trip into the heart of gender, sexuality. To what extent is identity self-imposed or based upon societal influence, constraint, and expectation?

Why Call the Police // Haonan Wang :: Following the path of a paper roll, the city of night reveals itself full of strange moments and discordance.

Moon // Cristian Proa :: A beautiful piece of electronic music that moves you emotionally, yet also physically with its ear for the dancefloor.

The Invisible Man – Let Me Ride // Francesca Mirabella :: An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre’s ‘Let Me Ride’.

You Help Me Fall Asleep // Kira Bursky :: A metaphorical look at unbalanced relationships, teen love and the exchange of energy between individuals.