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Visual/Sound/Walls: Opening Night Party

Running Time:150:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
9:00 PM EST
Wednesday, November 8
CFCC Union Station

Kick off your Cucalorus by grabbing yourself a mix drank and enjoying yourself a music video mix of the best dang music videos produced on this whole dang planet while we project them onto every dang surface in the whole dang room while live performers mimic dance moves and lip sync song lyrics to create an interactive entertainment emersion that can’t be found anywhere else in this whole dang dimension. Pretty impressive run-on sentence, huh?  

The cherry on top of this party this year comes in the form of a performance from the angel-voiced, child of Wilmington, Sarah Kinlaw, who now lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she runs an artistic triathlon of directing videos, choreographing dance, and lending her incredible voice and songwriting skills to her band Softspot. Kinlaw will be providing the live vocals for Softspot’s gorgeous and thought provoking video for “Habits” and then closing out the evening with a set of songs that will be accompanied by video visuals provided by VJ MXL PXL.

And finally, as we all know, the Visual/Sound/Walls party can’t begin unless turned on by the power of a powerful wizard. Therefore, henceforth, this party will be emceed once again by none other than Magic Johnson, not the former basketball player and current STD survivor, Magic Johnson, but the Magic Johnson that’s a dang WIZARD!!!!!!!


Here is this year’s Music Video Mix. (In order of appearance)


“The Blue Room” -al-ḥamdu li-llāh  Dir: bettina d’mello, dr:khan

What So Not – “Divide and Conquer”  Dir: Babekühl  

Bassnectar – “TKO” ft. Rye Rye and Zion I (Director’s Cut)   Dir: David Dutton  

Sober Octaves – “Interlude 1” (segment from the visual album) Dir: Felege Gebru   

Premier Jones – “Run” ft. Tange  Dir: Josh Yates  

Will See – “Take Tha House Back”  Dir: Kate Levy

Eddie Beatz – “Black Bird”  Dir: Haonan Wang  

SURVIVE – “Copter”  Dir: Chris Rusch

Odesza – “Late Night”  Dir: MESKA  

Sylvan Esso – “The Glow”  Dir: Elise Tyler  

Jessy Lanza – “Oh No”  Dir: Winston Case

Dante High – “Parking Lot Soul”  Dir: D.L. Anderson

Dante High – “Frustrated”  Dir: D.L. Anderson  

IRÈNE DRÉSEL – “Rita”  Dir: Florence Lucas  

No One Mind – “In The Valley”  Dir: Mitchell Oliver

Big D and the Kid’s Table – “Brand New Day” Dir: Patricia Beckmann Wells, EdD.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Necessary Evil”  Dir: Sean Solomon  

Polo & Pan – “Coeur Croisé”  Dir: Pablo Maestres  

Fur Voice – “Fantasía”  Dir: Pablo Maestres

Eddi Front – “Prayer”  Dir: Craig Murray  

Snow Ghosts – “The Hunted”  Dir: Craig Murray  

Mogwai – “Teenage Exorcist”  Dir: Craig Murray  

VIA – “We Are The People”  Dir: Kira Bursky

The Tills – “Mother Earth”  Dir: Chris Lee

Modest Mouse – “Lampshades On Fire”  Dir: Jorge Torres-Torres

Tim Darcy – “Tall Glass of Water”  Dir: Jonny Look

Be Brave Benjamin – “Devil Fool”  Dir: Pablo Maestres  

Tony Joe White – “The Opening of the Box”  Dir: Elise Tyler

MUUY BIIEN – “another chore”  Dir: Jorge Torres-Torres  

COLUMBOID – “Strange Fetish”  Dir: Jorge Torres-Torres  

Marley Carroll – “Speed Reader”  Dir: Daniel Judson  

Lovey & D’est Roy – “7 hrs”  Dir: Courtney Rivenbark

Pony Girl – “Little Life”  Dir: Pascal Huot  

Softspot – “Habits”  Dir: New Media Ltd.