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Painting with Sound / Hearing the Light

Event Date(s)
12:00 PM EST
Thursday, November 8
Jengo's Playhouse

Eight, short, experimental films made collaboratively by 16 UNCW Film Studies students.

This project first asked students to question the narrative norm of sound supporting a film’s image.  Instead, the films were all created first as soundscapes and THEN image was created and edited to support those soundtracks.

The project also asked students to let go of the idea of directorship/ownership and instead to focus on the possibility of a non-hierarchal, community-based collaboration of filmmaking.  All sounds and images were recorded/captured by the students and then shared collectively in a community sound library.  Next, students worked in ever shifting groups to assemble soundscapes, create a shared image library and, ultimately, to finalize the films by adding image tracks.

The projects were switched frequently at each stage of the process and the result is a body of work shaped by many ears, eyes and hands…but owned solely by no one.

**This is an ongoing installation! Catch it before or after a film, or during late nights at Jengos!