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Visual/Sound/Walls: Director’s Cut

Running Time:80:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
7:45 PM EST
Sunday, November 12
Jengo's Playhouse

Consume all the music videos who’s creators have traveled from far and wide to create fellowship by sharing their music video creations, and then watch them strive to deal with the sometimes poignant, sometimes ridiculous questions offered up by the boy that loves music videos the most, John E Gray.

And hey, guess what? You can ask poignant and/or ridiculous questions too!   

Music Videos, to be viewed:

What So Not – “Divide and Conquer”  Dir: Babekühl     

Premier Jones – “Run” ft. Tange  Dir: Josh Yates  

Will See – “Take Tha House Back”  Dir: Kate Levy

SURVIVE – “Copter”  Dir: Chris Rusch

IRÈNE DRÉSEL – “Rita”  Dir: Florence Lucas  

No One Mind – “In The Valley”  Dir: Mitchell Oliver

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Necessary Evil”  Dir: Sean Solomon  

Polo & Pan – “Coeur Croisé”  Dir: Pablo Maestres   

Mogwai – “Teenage Exorcist”  Dir: Craig Murray  

VIA – “We Are The People”  Dir: Kira Bursky

The Tills – “Mother Earth”  Dir: Chris Lee

Be Brave Benjamin – “Devil Fool”  Dir: Pablo Maestres  

Tony Joe White – “The Opening of the Box”  Dir: Elise Tyler

Striking Copper – “Turn Out The Light”  Dir: Patrick Basquill

Lovey & D’est Roy – “7 hrs”  Dir: Courtney Rivenbark

Softspot – “Habits”  Dir: New Media Ltd.

Slow Dance – “(i guess)”  Dir: Sarah Royal