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Wilmington New Works

Running Time:90:00 minutes
Event Date(s)
1:30 PM EST
Sunday, November 12

Why Everything Sucks (Or Not) // Joel Perry :: Leo, 58, unemployed and bitter at God for the cruel unfairness of life, meets Vic, 20, deeply Christian, and convinced he has received a miracle. Over the course of several meetings, they form an unlikely but profound friendship. Based on a real life event and a young Wilmington man, this comedy/drama explores life, death, sex, God, shopping at Kohls, choices we make, and what happens when we get what we ask for.

Stupid Imaginary Food // Matt Carter :: Kristi, a recently discarded fashion doll, is taken in by a troupe of wayward broken dolls living in a garbage dump. As the dolls attempt to welcome Kristi to her new home, she struggles to cope with the events that led her to being thrown away in the first place. The audience learns of the tragedies that led each of the tortured toys to their makeshift garbage palace.

I’m Only Doing This for Tenure // Ed Wagenseller :: Desperate for Tenure, a junior faculty member is charged with writing a one person show and submitting to Theatre and Stage festivals around the globe in order to appease Senior Faculty and satisfy the Tenure requirements of the hat control his academic fate.  In this comedic look at the institution of Higher Education and academia, Ed Wagenseller uses music and technology and a transformational style of acting to explore, mock, play, and sing about the trials and tribulations of a Junior Faculty member quest for Tenure.

Concession Speech // Andrew McVey:: Election Day has come and gone without any clear indication as to who our next President will be.  Ohio is too close to call.  Candidate Elizabeth Stallings has escaped her campaign headquarters for Equilibrium, a small deserted bar where Stallings, a young intern, and a bartender re-count the intimate details of the campaign and react to the news that Stallings or her opponent, actor-turned-politician Walter Nolan, will be the next leader of the free world.