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Submit an Original Performance

  • Regular Deadline: June 12 [Fee $25]
  • Cucalorus Festival: November 11-15, 2020

Cucalorus has a long history of showcasing outlandish, alternative, heartwarming and original new performers. Festival favorites like Dance-a-lorus, Bus to Lumberton, and Visual/Sound/Walls distinguish Cucalorus as a venue for exploration at the boundaries between music, theatre, dance, comedy, performance, installation, and film. Cucalorus Stage is expanding our performance program, bringing the same rigorous, intentional curation to our live events as we do to our screenings. We’re interested in all kinds of performances: stand-up, storytelling, music, cabaret, theatre, comedy, happenings, installations, live art, and more! We’re especially looking for new works, North Carolina or Wilmington premieres, works that speak to current political concerns, and fringy-er experiences. Creative crowd surfing encouraged.

Submission Requirements

  1.  Completed entry form for each submission via our Online Entry Form.
  2.  The applicable entry fee paid via Paypal or check.
  3. Send us a drawing and/or collage of the future. You’re future, our future?!! Yes, we’re serious. Have fun with it! You can mail this to our office at Jengo’s Playhouse or email the design to dan@cucalorus.org. *disclaimer* – we may post this on social media!!

Please send all packages, checks, toys, drawings, baby goats, and photos to:
Cucalorus Submissions
Jengo’s Playhouse
815 Princess Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

Exceptions // Payments // Refunds

  • There are no exceptions to these deadlines or fees, except when we make exceptions!
  • Please make all fees payable to Cucalorus.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable.
  • There are no entry fees for residents of New Hanover County.
  • Cucalorus endorses irrational behavior, generally.

Types of Performances on Cucalorus Stage

Theatre: A showcase of new and original works combining the best local talent with top performers from the fringe festival circuit. Works 75 mins and under, new works, and low-tech performances are particularly encouraged, but we welcome all applications. Past years we’ve seen smutty comedy songstresses, drunk feminist storytelling, and fluorescent body painting cross the stage!

Music: Folk bands, punk-rockers, live-scored short films, cabaret, and more should apply! Bring bands, singer-songwriters, acapella groups or your roommate who plays ukulele sometimes.

Dance: Includes a series of master classes, a curated program of dance films, and a live showcase of new works on opening night of the festival called Dance-a-lorus. The most well-attended festival favorite, Dance-a-lorus showcases dance companies merging a live choreographed dance with a film component. Launched in 2005 through a partnership with local choreographer’s collective the Dance Cooperative, the culminating performance serves as the opening night event for the annual Cucalorus Festival. All dance-related films unrelated to Dance-a-lorus are submitted under FILM.

Comedy: Traditional stand-up, clown, sketch, musical comedy, improv — the works! All laughter is welcome.

Performance: Durational performance art, autobiographical performative installations, emcees, and the Bus to Lumberton. Our Emcees are the rainbow sprinkles on the Cucalorus cupcake. They open for most films and events, warming up the crowd, introducing films, and running talk backs in a variety of creative ways. Past emcees have included musical comedians, beat poets, cathartic clowns, cannibalistic performance artists, and one mime.

Installations: Site-specific, interactive, 3D, and more on the visual art side of the performance spectrum. An installation proposal may be an interactive blanket fort or a more traditional exhibition-style showing.