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The Cucalorus Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit foundation. Cucalorus brings people together to celebrate, discover, and create. The annual festival provides a non-competitive atmosphere to showcase and support filmmakers, performers, and entrepreneurs. Cucalorus relies on donations, grants, sponsors and a bold team of talented creative staff and volunteers to bring your stories and your business ideas to life.

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Special thanks to everyone that supported our crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter! We raised over $30,000 and can’t thank our donors enough!

Kickstarter Backers for Cucalorus 27:

Marika Adair


John Anthony

Laura Asherman

Stephanie Avery Taylor

Tab Ballis

Phil Bartos

Charles Beckwith

Scotty Bethune


Matt and Alison Born

dan brawley

Ann Brawley

Bobby Broadfoot

Kristen Brogdon

Laura Brogdon-Primavera

Phoebe Brown

Natalie Bullock Brown

Norwood Cheek

Abrielle Cincotti

Nathan Clarke

Holly Cole

Alfredo Covelli

Trip Coyne

The Creative Fund by BackerKit

Caroline Daughtry

Linda Davidson

Johnath Davis

Josephine Decker

Tricia Delp Ireland

Patrick Downey

Meagan Downey


Mike Duncan

Matthew Dunnly

Arthur E. Apolinario

Becca Ederer

Gillybear Films

Charlene Fisk

Augustine Frizzell

Sean Gallagher

Jonathan Gattis

Cheri Gaulke

Josh Gibson

Pam Gonzalez

Eugenio gonzalez

Elizabeth Gordon

Amy Grant

Brighid Greene

Penelope Grover

Ellen Haragan

Jim Haverkamp

Lexi Hawks

Hannah Hearn

Laura Heberton

Allen Henderson

Archibald Heptinstall

Ilov Hgiel

Donald Hicks

Aaron Hillis

Frank Holcombe

Kiersten Houser

Byron Hurt

Alicia Inshira-Dut

CB Johnson

taylor kowalski

Jane Kulesza

Nicole Lastort Lee

Dylan Lee

Margie Lee Lindsey

Joanne Levitan

Burke Lewis

Terry Linehan

Lisa A. Little

Little pond caterers

Chad Locklear

Robert Longstreet

Matthew Malloy

Ashley Marshall

Zoë Mathews

Chris Metzler

Kate Miller

Karin Mills

Rory Mitchell

Dave Monahan

Dan Moore

Mike Morelli

Kim Morin

Tony Morin

Lisa Mount

Rob Muhquay

Connie Nelson

Pete Ohs



Megan Petersen

Ed Pickett

Hillary Pierce

Kenneth Porter

Carolyn Pulley

Thomas R. van Arsdale

Aby Rao

Robert Redhead

Jack Redhead

Michael Reich

Todd Remis


Norman Robinson

JR Rodriguez

Hill Rogers

Suzanne Ruffin

Jason Sargis

Jane Schoenbrun

Elizabeth Schulz

Briana Seese

Courtenay Sherwood

Mary Shirah

Melissa Simpson

Richard Sirianni

Kaari Snook

Robin Soderena

debra solomon

Grant Stewart

JJ Street

Barbara Sullivan and Michael Murchison

Peter Sweyer

Elizabeth Taussig

Rachel Taylor


Shannon Turner

Kay Tuxford

Hannah Vaughan

Fred Vaughan

Megan Vaughan

Ingrid Veninger

Mikey Ventrone

sue vest

Bo Webb

Michael Webb

Jeremy Wine

Catherine Wright


renee zukerman