Cucalorus 15’s official schedule is NOW OUT! Eyecatchers are being distributed around Wilmington, NC as this post it being typed! All local Wilmingtonians make sure you check out your favorite local spots for the eyecatcher or as a supplement to this week’s Encore.

With over 100 great films from all over the world, make sure you check out the schedule now to plan out your Cucalorus experience. The schedule is also available online for all you Cucalorus fans all over the globe.

One new idea we’re trying out this year is screening important films more than once so if miss it once, don’t worry, we’re showing the best of the best again! Working Wednesday night and can’t make it out to see That Evening Sun? Well check it out on Friday morning at 10am at Lumina! Worried that Calvin Marshall is playing at the same time as Dogtooth Saturday night? Can’t decide which one to make it too? They’re both repeating on Cucalorus 15’s extra special Sunday screenings!

Make sure you get your passes/tickets as soon as possible, and show up early for screenings! You never know if Cucalorus’s exclusive microcinema Jengo’s Playhouse is going to fill up, or if you show up late to Thalian’s black box and have to sit in the hard fold-up chairs on the side!

Want to have the best experience at Cucalorus 15? Start planning now! Make sure you head to the Kickoff Party for musical shorts and short (or long) musical performances! There’s VJ battles, Dance-a-lorus, Blue Velvet Tour, and even fantastic workshops on how to make films with a low-budget. Get on that!


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