Volunteer with Cucalorus, earn street cred


Interested in FREE tickets to screenings and adding the best festival in the intergalactic universe to your resume? Join the fam and volunteer for Cucalorus! We pay in the currency of moonshine and waffles.

Volunteer Coordinator Tommy “Waffles” Van Arsdale is getting all his chickens in a row and is still looking for a few key volunteers!

(That's Tommy on the left.)

That’s Tommy on the left.

Open positions include:

• Drivers with their own set of wheels (magic pumpkins and other gourds will be taken into consideration) to transport filmmakers to and fro.

• Emcee wrangler. They’re a wild, rowdy bunch. (Lasso optional.)

Jengo’s Playhouse Backyard Manager. Responsible for overseeing set up, breakdown, and maintenance of the carefully crafted chill vibrations of Jengo’s backyard.

• Security. Big, burly men and women with a well-rehearsed authoritative stare-down.

• Craft services/food transportation. Reliable form of transportation required, along with a controllable appetite (Never again, James Martin…)

Contact volunteer coordinator Thomas Van Arsdale at volunteer@cucalorus.org or stop by Cucalorus headquarters at 815 Princess Street for more information.