Welcome to Cucalorus 19


Cucalorus in action!welcome to cucalorus.
is it a film festival? well, not really
it’s a gathering, a congregation of creatives
an ensemble of artmakers
energy sources, swamp surfers
rolling down the cape fear river

absent elevating prizes
that leave others down
we come together to share
the stories of our living and dying and all the struggling in between
tubes with two ends, superlubers and money hungry mobsters timesliding across the multiverse

an animal project full of moviemakers
a chorus of darkness
worshipping pixels
lumen lounging on sunstays
rabbling through blue ruins
fighting for the right to be lovers and mothers
or not

pixel discord
transcendant decay
strangers, survivors,
a destination for bouncing back
or is it blowback?
let the fire burn
and before you know it
little fish swim
to the cocktail deck
for gender free time
where war is a fable
told by old men in white suits

to those who support us
and to those who are against us
we are here
we welcome you to our annual gathering
peel back your mind, scavenge your soul, embrace

what are you looking at over there?
come over here
grab the person next to you
hold on tight.
this is the future.

Wiith love,

team cucalorus